How to Create a free website-Rules for creating a free website

How to Create a free website-Rules for creating a free website

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How to Create a free website-Rules for creating a free website, Welcome to today’s post of Assalamualaikum In today’s post we will learn about how to create a website for free and how you can earn money from that free website.

So be patient, read the entire post and start earning money online today.

Creating a website for free

At one time people thought it was impossible to create a website without coding knowledge and many still think so. That was true a few years ago but now the CMS (Content management system) has brought a revolution in website creation.

CMS is a platform where you can easily create any website with a simple drag and drop. Some of these CMS are: – wordpress, blogger, wix, weebly etc. Can you create a website for free with these CMS?

No. Not all CMSs are free. Because if you want to use many CMS, you have to buy hosting. The most popular CMS for creating free websites is Before learning how to create a free website, let’s find out how much it costs to create a website.

Create your Website and Optimize it As you Like

How to Create a free website-Rules for creating a free website

The price of a domain can range from Rs 99 to Rs 600. Hosting is needed after the domain. Hosting will cost at least 100 rupees per month and if you want to take it annually, it will cost 1000 rupees. These are the initial costs of creating a website.

Also you have to buy a one time premium theme with money. Many times many premium plugins are also needed. But today we will show you how to create a completely free website.

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Why create a website for free?
Most of us are interested in blogging but most of them are students who do not have enough money to invest. Or many can’t invest, they can use free websites if they want.

It is also possible to earn income by blogging on free websites. Many people have the misconception that income from a free website is not possible. This is a completely wrong idea.

How to create WordPress website?

There are many examples of people who are in the top rank in Google with free websites. And earning a good amount of money. And if you start with a free website at the beginning and succeed, you will be inspired to invest and create a new website.

Also I think everyone should start with a free website because many of us make many mistakes in the beginning, we can learn a lot from these mistakes and experience.

If we build a website by spending money first, then we lose money for many mistakes, but if we start with a free website, then we do not have to face any loss.

Good and Bad Effect of creating a website for free

We will use the popular platform blogger to create websites for free. So now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger.
Advantages: –

1) Here you can create a basic level quality website.
2) This platform is SEO friendly because it belongs to Google.
3) You have to buy a domain even if you give free hosting on any other platform. But you will get both free domain + hosting on Blogger.
4) The domain that will give you Blogger is the subdomain of But the specialty of this subdomain is that you can easily get the approval of Google Adsense if your website meets all the conditions of Adsense, which you will not find in any other subdomain.

5) You can easily add Google Analytics to it.
6) This platform will give you about half of the SEO settings of paid websites for free.
7) If you want, you can easily create a website with your own custom domain.

8) You can easily create a website with mobile.

How to Earn Online by Free Blog website?

Disadvantages: –
1) This platform is basic level and completely Html and Css based. So you will not find very advanced level features here.
2) It is made for blogging. This platform is not for you if you want to do e-commerce or affiliate marketing.
3) If you want to do something in advance, you have to have an idea about Html and css.
4) If you create a website on this platform, you will not be the real owner. Because it’s on Google’s hosting. So if you create a website that violates any of their conditions, they will shut it down.
5) If you create your website on Blogger and monetize it through AdSense, then your revenue will be less because both Blogger and AdSense are under Google. And by giving you free hosting, Google will deduct a small portion of your income. (If you earn, you will deduct this money and the amount is very small)
6) If there is any problem with other platforms, it can be solved with a plugin. But no plugin can be used here, so the problems have to be fixed by coding.


Blooger is a platform of Google. Here you can build a good quality website at no cost. Nowadays it is popular because it is the easiest and safest.

As Google’s platform, you can be sure of its security. Many people monetize websites through Google Adsense.

From here you will get the option to connect Google Adsense directly. One’s websites are mobile friendly. Also its SEO as it is Google’s platform

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